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were deserted.                                       ^^ ^ ^on)maddi , L.Rt 10, P. 144.


key abandoned the village and it tell into rum.

Pramoda,onbehal:of AliAdul Padushah of

t possession of the whole
Having built strong forts in towns and posted garrisons for
fhekdefence, he carried on the administration oi the province
their deten ,                         ^l-adesayi and badugaudu to

induced the people to return

to the villages and settle down.

Haliya ESmappaya who was the Yuvaraja under Sadasrja-
,-ava Malaraya was put to death with all his army by the
phL of Deccan near the confluence of the Krsna and
Ie Mpahari in S.B. 1*86 ***&* Then the kingdom
fame under the control of Sadasivaraya and Mandela
Timmaraja was governing this slma on his behah.

adufu : L.R. 1, p. 225.

In & S. I486 Baktaksi, Eamaraja the Great, the Yjvaraja,
WM killed by the Padushahs of Deccan. In b.B. 1490
Vibhava the country had to pass through the harrowing
experience of famine, while it was still in a state of confusion.
Is the inhabitants of the two agrakaras, Ramacandrapuram
* SSluva-GoviBdarajapuram, could not endure the hardships,
' 4urrated to foreign countries; and there arose bitter